Funding and Supports

Your Local Enterprise Office is a First Stop Shop for the information, funding and support you need to start a business in Ireland. There are 31 Local Enterprise Offices in local authorities nationwide, all supported by Enterprise Ireland. Each has a team of startup specialists waiting to help you turn your business idea into a reality.
If you are interested in starting up a new business, then talk to us. Together, we can make it happen.

Startup Funding

Local Enterprise Offices provide financial supports that are designed to help you establish – and grow – a microenterprise employing up to 10 people.

These financial supports include Business Priming Grants, money that can be used for things like buying equipment or paying salary costs. They also include Feasibility Study Grants, which can help towards the cost of researching the market or developing a prototype

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Startup Training

Local Enterprise Offices provide accessible training courses in everything from Start Your Own Business to management development. A Start Your Own Business programme will help you plan your business and build your skills in areas such as market research, financial planning and sales.

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Startup Mentoring

Local Enterprise Offices have a mentor programme to match you with a seasoned business person who has the knowledge, skills, insights and experience to help you start your business, and who will provide you with one-to-one practical and strategic guidance.

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Startup Networking

Local Enterprise Offices know smart networking is one of the most valuable and productive activities startups can do. Its networking services put you in touch with likeminded people whose experience and knowledge can help boost your business.

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Startup Programmes

Local Enterprise Offices run programmes such as Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur, Student Enterprise Awards, National Women’s Enterprise Day and many more initiatives for microenterprises.

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Funding and targeted supports available

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